New ways of dealing with 'Demanding' Kids

If your kids are asking for the moon, instead of being worried, psychologists say, you can try few methods-

Over React like they do to a problem:

Generally children like to roll over ground if they don’t get what they ask. Sometimes, they simply throw away whatever they have in their hand.

Try imitating them, when you have a problem. Don’t entertain them, or don’t make the feel that this is how YOU generally behave. Make sure that your behavior annoys them.

Teach them MONEY handling:

If you are children are old enough to understand something called money, give them some money saying it is for both of YOU!. Keep asking them money for every little thing that you need, probably even to do a thing for them. That is one of the best ways of teaching them about using resources well. Take their advice if they give it to you. That will encourage them to think better.

One Important Question:

Why do children feel the way they do? The right answer is ‘Conditioning Environment’ around them. And the closest environment that your children have is YOU! The way things are, and the way your kids perceive is hugely dependent on you. Yes, it is not always you, but it is much better to question if it is your behavior that is affecting children.

Stop feeling Guilty:

Most parents, especially women, feel guilty for every hour spent away from their children. As a result, the children keep getting costlier ‘things’ at home, which make other people ‘jealous’ and your children being called very ‘competitive’ etc. Doubt it – well check your accounts over a week. If you have bought nothing in the last one week, including chocolates, and your children are just about OK, you are doing great!

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