How to Make Your Daughter A Star*?

Do you want to make your daughter a celebrity or star like – Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie? Surely it is not as difficult as you think. But the ONLY thing is – you have to start making her a celebrity when she is a kid.

Generally this is how every parent (including you), I believe treat daughters.

* Give your daughter whatever she wants.
* Give it to her as soon as possible, otherwise she screams, pouts, or hits.
* Treat her every wish as a command on you.
* Don’t expect anything good from her.
* Do chores for her too, and not tell her how to things by herself.

Do you think by treating like above one can make their daughter a celebrity? Definitely not, right? Moreover, you can expect only negative traits in return for your ‘too tender’ treatment. She will – start hitting you and others frequently; put forward DEMANDS; not respect you, in fact everyone; learns how to get not to give.

If these traits are carried forward till her teenage, definitely she will not be a celebrity. And, because she feels herself superior to others, everyone starts disrespecting her. She will lose all the good people around, and gain more enemies for herself.

So, learn this Very Important Parenting Tip – be not too tender towards your daughter, and make every attempt to teach her good manners, which make her lovable to everyone. Then surely she will be a Celebrity and Star for all, including YOU.

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