Authoritative Parenting – The Right Way of Parenting

There are many ways parents behave with their kids, and these are referred as parenting styles. Parenting style is very important for a child’s development because it is from the parents and home that children learn the ‘right behavior’. Different parents adopt different styles of parenting. But based on various research studies child psychologists identified authoritative parenting as the healthiest parenting style.

Here are some interesting facts on Authoritative Parenting.

  • Parenting involves – responsiveness and demanding. Authoritative parenting balances these two elements very well. In this style, parents ask their child to obey a certain rule, and at the same time they also don’t interfere when the child commits a mistake. This way they make their children learn from their own mistakes and also they don’t overprotect their children.
  • In authoritative parenting, parents set rules to save their children from harm. This way they guide their children to follow the right path and make them understand what is good and what is bad.
  • Authoritative parents accept that mistakes are quite common, but they encourage their children to learn from their mistakes. This way they make their children realize that a failure is not always a failure, and can be successful by not repeating the mistakes again.
  • Authoritative parents make their children become responsible citizens, and make it clear that limits always exist in the midst of freedom.
  • In authoritative parenting parents and children work together in coming up with decisions. They also respect each other’s differences in personality and in ideas.
  • Research studies proved that children brought up by authoritative parents are more competent in education, social dealings and other elements.
  • In this style of parenting parents let their children also participate in day-to-day family dealings.

All in all, authoritative parenting makes the best parents and the best children.

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