Premature Baby Care

Premature babies need special care, as they are so small and delicate. After their birth the doctors give them special care. Once the doctor thinks your baby does not need supervision any more, he will allow you take the baby home. Even after your premature baby comes home from hospital, you need to regularly consult the doctor to prevent any unwanted problem.

Get advice from your doctor about feeding your premature baby. He will prescribe the needed vitamins, iron and special diet. Vitamins are necessary for your baby to stay healthy and to grow. A premature baby also needs supplementary iron, for a healthy growth.

  • In the initial two years of life, your premature babies are often smaller. They will have healthy growth after some time.
  • Your physician also looks at various aspects like how dynamic the baby is, when the baby crawls for the first time and when the baby stands for the first time. Based on these things he guides you what care and medications your baby needs.
  • Firstly, most premature babies are fed 8 to 10 times a day. Between every two feedings you should not pass more than 4 hours, otherwise your baby may get dehydrated.
  • Premature babies normally vomit after a feeding. If your baby is vomiting too much, consult your physician. Otherwise your baby will not gain weight.

Anyway one thing you have to keep in mind – though your baby needs special care when they are babies, premature children are not that different when they grow up.

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