Top Ten Signs That Your Child Is Drinking Alcohol

Many teenagers in United States most frequently drink alcohol. 14% of teens have been intoxicated at least once in the past year. It is real worry for parents because it affects teens badly in many ways. Not only alcohol use decreases teens’ ability to pay attention, it is also a cause for many car crashes and violent deaths.

The more worrying factor is the average age when a child first tries alcohol is 11 years for boys and 13 years for girls. And, the average age when a child begins drinking regularly is 15.9 years old.

Here are top ten easy signs that can help you easily find out your child started drinking alcohol.

Decline in schoolwork; and suddenly slipping or dropping in grades

If this happens, this can be a sign of a larger problem. Though it does not confirm alcohol use, it definitely calls for further investigation.

Missing school

If your child is missing you a school it may be due to a variety of reasons like depression or school phobias. Talk to your child to know what may be the reason. Don’t just stop at the answer “I feel sick.” Also, keep in touch with your child’s teachers. They will let you know when a child misses the school and also the possible reasons.

Mood changes

Though mood changes are most common in the growth phase, you cannot ignore violent mood swings in your children. These mood swings may lead to depression, and your child may use alcohol to take the edge off mood disorder.

Dropping out of usual activities

If your child suddenly stops doing the things he or she loves to do, then you need to find out what is the exact cause. The more dramatic this change, the more you you need to suspect.

Physical appearance changing

If your child is no longer caring about the hygiene or general appearance, then it means he or she could be suffering from depression or other psychological problem. Some times it may also a sign of alcohol use.

Change in friends or peer group

If your teen used to hang out with a pretty positive crowd and dumped them, it may mean that you don’t approve of some new behaviors. Be aware of sudden changes in your child’s peer group.

Money or valuables missing

It means that your child may be using them for getting alcohol.

Furtive or secretive behavior

For sure your teen do need more privacy. But you need to notice whether your child is trying to hide things from you. If you feel it’s necessary you can even enter your child’s room and search for any unwanted items.

Losing all motivation

In case your child used be active and suddenly she has lost all the motivation, it may hint you that she is getting addicted to alcohol or feeling depressed.

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