Tips for A New Mother to Manage Stress

Every mother experiences an incredible joy after giving birth to a baby. Also, she wants to take the best care of the baby. But, in most of the cases, the physicians advise on how to care for the baby and fail to advise on how the mother has to care for her.

Mother of a newborn baby has to face many problems in adjusting herself to the immediate hormonal changes that happen after the childbirth. She has to face lot of stress, because she also has to care for her baby.

Here are some tips that help you care for yourself and your baby too.

  • First of all, don’t forget that no one can be a perfect mother, and you also don’t try to be. In fact your baby needs a caring mother, not a perfect mother.
  • You have to care for yourself, so that you can care for your baby in a better way. So, take a break from caring your newborn baby as and when you need. Assign that job to your husband or maid.
  • In the initial days, you may have a disturbed sleep. So, when your baby sleeps, take a small nap yourself.
  • Ask your friend or relative to look after your baby in the afternoon timings, and you take rest. Also, take their help in doing some of your regular chores.
  • Take food at regular timings. Make sure you eat nutritious, balanced meals, complete with fresh vegetables, fruits, vitamins and proteins. Take more green leaves and fresh vegetables to attain some energy.
  • In the stressful times, talk with dear ones like your mother, close friends or your family doctor who can give you a patient hearing.
  • Walking is the best exercise you have to do everyday for a minimum of 30 minutes. This can boost endorphin levels, which in turn relieves tension.

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