Top Five Parenting Tips

Though each child has their individual strengths and challenges, there are certain tips that are foundations to your parenting. Here are some important tips of them.

Give first preference to marriage

Once you become a parent, you tend to give more importance to your children than to your marriage. In fact, that’s not the right way. A healthy marriage relationship keeps you happy, and also helps you be a better parent. But, if your marriage is damaged, even your relationship with your children is damaged.

The best way to teach your children

Most of the times the parents tend to teach the children when they fail to handle a situation correctly. Parents fear that the blame will fall on them for not teaching the children the right manners.  But the best way is to teach your child how to handle all the possible situations. For example, teach your kid how to greet a person – look at the person’s eyes, extend a firm handshake and say, It’s nice to meet you .  A little bit of role-playing also helps in teaching manners and courtesies.

Set the standards

As a parent it’s your responsibility to teach your kid on standards of behavior in various settings. For example, if you both are going for shopping teach your kid about the right manners at the super marker. Most children rise to the standard, once the standard is set.  As a parent it’s your responsibility to set a standard. If you don’t do it, you will end up fighting with your kids who are not able to find where the boundaries are set.

Be consistent

Learn to be consistent in your behavior. If you are inconsistent, it breeds misbehavior in your children.  So, be consistent in good manners and also teach your children how to be so. This training helps your child develop good character traits like self-control, respect, and responsibility that help them lead a better life.

Express your love to them

Let your child know you love him so much. In whatever you speak you make sure there are words of encouragement and love. This helps build a strong relationship with your child, and in turn makes your parenting task easier.

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