Conversation With Kids

Do you feel that weeks pass without one meaningful five-minute chat between you and the rest of your family?

Well, you can start a new affair in the family called the ‘Conversation Moment’.

Finding time to talk can be very hard. Every person – from the youngest to the oldest – are engaged with some or the other activities each day. But the advantages of finding time for “talk able moments” are countless. Kids who feel connected to their families get into less dangerous behaviors and have a stronger sense of self and purpose. So, how do you find the time you spend together?

  1. Organize family gatherings.

    You can get together once a week or once a month, but make the gatherings compulsory and enjoyable. Get together over a meal – send out for pizza, have everyone help with the cooking, or go out to eat at a favorite restaurant. Or meet over activities that let you chat – such as board games, jigsaw puzzles, scrapbooks, or family photo albums.

  2. Have supper together


    Its not possible everyday but few days a week should be fine. List these dinners so that friends, work, sports activities, or other responsibilities don’t hinder. Share family traditions and childhood stories, talk about the news or a funny thing that happened that day.

  3. Set up a silent location for chatting

    : Rooms with no TV helps you talk for long without any disturbances.

  4. Get everybody to assist

    : Something as simple as putting groceries away or washing a car can become a moment to remember when kids and parents have a chance to share an activity together.

  5. Give your kids full attention

    : In these busy days, it may be hard for you to find time to pay attention or focus on you kids. But, every child expects

    his or her parent to pay full attention and care for him/her. So, always make sure you spend some valuable time with your kids, pay attention to their needs and focus on their healthy development.

You will be spending time on many tasks everyday. But, definitely, spending time with your family will be the most meaningful. Your kids will never forget the moments you cared for them for the rest of their lives. So, as a parent, give them the best moments to cherish.

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