Teach Your Child the Art of Polite Conversation

You must have noticed, less than often your child interrupting you when you talk to your friends. Well, that’s a natural tendency which children have but if you train your child to be polite then it won’t be difficult to manage your child. Teach your child the art of Conversation and then you will see a difference in your child’s behavior.

Here are few tips on how you can teach your child the ‘Art of being polite’:

  • Be a good listener to yourself, and guide your child to be a good listener.
  • When your child interrupts you, instead of being harsh on him tell him in a kind tone that he has to wait till you finish your talk.
  • When you make your child wait, see to it that you get back to him as soon as possible.
  • Teach your child a non-verbal form of communication so that he can signal you when he wants to talk to you.
  • Inform your child beforehand that you are having an important telephone conversation and he should not disturb you.
  • When you know you will be busy for some time and don’t want to be disturbed then give your child some work to do i.e. keep your child busy.
  • You can play a game with your child where you take turns interrupting each other while the other is trying to say something. This way your child will learn how annoying it is to be interrupted.
  • Keep using the words like sorry, thank you and excuse me often so that your child learns them too.
  • Thank your child for letting you do your work without his interruption.

If you want to teach your child to be polite you have to implement it on yourself first. Your child will follow what you do and if you want to help your child then you have to be polite in your day to day life.

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