How to Manage Your Anger in Parenting

As a parent it is very common for you to get angry with your kid. But have you ever thought how it would affect your child? Well, your behavior affects your child in a wide extent and you have to be very careful the way you deal with your Anger.

Anger should be controlled:

Anger is one of the most difficult emotions that a parent has to deal with. But while dealing with children you have to be very careful because your child should not take your scolding in a negative way that might spoil your relationship with your child. Your child might feel traumatized if you constantly show your anger to him. The modern parent has to deal with lot of stress and tensions and tensions and stress makes a person get angry very fast but it is not correct to show your anger on your kids. They will be scared of you and they will not be able to share their views with you.

Defense Mechanisms:

The child tends to develop negative defense mechanisms if the parent is very short tempered. These negative mechanisms can be harmful for your child. For e.g. if your child sees you lose your temper often then he/she might develop the defense of Avoidance. It will be difficult for your child to express his/her thoughts and emotions. Some children try to imitate what you do, those types of kids will react your anger with aggressive attitude.

Coping with Anger:

It is very necessary for you to cope up with your anger. Even though you are in a bad mood you have to be very soft-spoken with your child. You should make the child understand that your anger is towards a particular situation and not towards your child. If you feel you are going to lose your temper try counting the technique of one to ten when you’re angry with your child. If you have shown your anger unknowingly on your child, then tell your child that it was just a misunderstanding and explain to him the reason why you misunderstood him. In this manner you can help your child reduce the feelings of resentment against you. The best way to cope with your anger is to have a control over it.

If your have control over your anger, it will help you have a better relationship with your child and your child will be free to express his/her views without any fear.

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