Top Ten Tips to Make Your Child Do His Homework

Every parent faces the homework problem with thier child. Children are never happy to do their homework and always make you worried. But at the same time it is important for you to help your child complete his homework, this might seem very tiring to some parents who come home after a day’s long work and then get caught up with their children to make them complete their homework. Well, this is what happens in most of the houses but every parent should understand that if you train your child in the correct way to do his homework then you will not have any problem.

Here are some tips to make your child do his/her home work:

  • Decide a specific time for homework daily, so that your child can finish his work in that time.
  • Try to be around your kid when he does his homework, so that you can help him when he needs your help.
  • Find out the schedule for your child’s tests planned for the week and help him in organizing his work.
  • Don’t do your child work, let him do it himself. If he needs your help you can help him but don’t do all his work for him.
  • If your child does not want you to help him, don’t argue with him just leave him alone and allow him to do his work as he likes.
  • Maintain a cool study atmosphere, make sure that there is no noise around.
  • Encourage and praise your child for his efforts.
  • When your child gets good marks, make him realize that doing his homework has really helped him.
  • Keep a separate room for your child to do his homework and see to it that the room is spacious and noise free.
  • After all this, still if your child is not doing his work then it is better to consult a counselor.

The best way to help your child do his homework regularly is to keep encouraging him and helping him when he needs your help.

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  1. Thanks for these great tips for parents!
    Just to add that research shows over and over again that having parents who are involved in your children’s school, learning and activities increases both academic and career success.

    Your tips will help parents do that more easily and effectively!

    Wouter van der Hall,
    Author of The Parent Program and Parent Coach “Giving parents the tools to be the great parents they can be, in 15 minutes a day”