How to Deal with Eating Disorder of Children

Eating disorder is very common among young folk and especially among teens. Skipping breakfast or lunch is almost at par with the trend of that age. Most youngsters are seen to do the same. Parents may get anxious to see their child’s disordered eating habits. There are children who skip one meal and then eat two meals within a short time. This is also another factor for concern as too much of food may lead to indigestion.

The parents, however, should find out the reasons for which their child has resumed to a disordered eating habit. Teenage is a very crucial time of a person’s life. Therefore, pestering him/her for anything will not be a feasible solution. It might make the child more adamant to ignore his parents and their requests. So parents should find out alternative ways to supply necessary nutrients to their child.

Here are some tips for the parents to help their child in case of eating disorders:

  • Find out the reason of his/her skipping the meal. He/she might be doing it because their friends are not having lunch at school.
  • Talk to him/her and explain to her about the bad effects of eating disorder.
  • If your son is skipping lunch, convince him to carry some snacks with him. It won’t let him starve.
  • See to it that your child does not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast is more harmful than skipping lunch or dinner.
  • Give your child healthy food when he/she is at home.
  • Develop your child’s habit of eating regularly at definite intervals.

Some disorder in eating habit is a very common phenomenon among teens. It is nothing to be worried about. You just need to make sure that your child is taking adequate quality food. Eating habits will gradually change as his/her other routine changes.

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