Ways To Take Care Of Your Childs Feet

It is very important that you take care of your childs feet. Delicate that your childs feet are you must be scared of cutting their nails for fear of hurting them.

Here are some ways you can train your child to take care of their feet.

  • Ask your child to dry their feet straight after they get out of the shower or bath.
  • Clip their toe nails regularly. If the white parts are longer than the thickness of a two pence coin, clip them off to avoid ingrown toe nails.
  • DO NOT cut your child’s toe nails curved – always cut them straight across.
  • Encourage your child to try and clip their own toe and finger nails so they will be used to it when they grow up.
  • Let them go barefoot. Medical evidence suggests that habitual ‘barefooting’ significantly lowers the risk of foot, leg, and back problems later in life. Posture will be improved, and the child is far more comfortable

In case of small babies you do not have to cover their feet with shoes for a very long time. However, care must be taken when covering your baby’s feet and the following are some suggestions which will help you do that

  • When using sleep suits and shawls to cover the baby make sure that there is enough room in the foot part of the garment for the foot so that the toes are not crammed at the top.
  • Care should also be taken with socks and tights to make sure that the toes are not restricted
  • There are many lovely soft flexible baby shoes and bootees available in the market, make sure that they fit properly, do not constrict the ankles or cram the toes
  • Very often we force the child into walking by making them walk in walkers. According to various researches this is very dangerous as use of walkers delays normal walking, standing and crawling and forces the joints to take load earlier than intended.

 Your child’s feet are very precious ensure that you take proper care of their feet.

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