How To Deal With Your Child If You Are A Single Parent

Being a single parent must be very difficult. Independence, honesty, and trust are even greater challenges in a single parent-teen relationship.

However, nothing is impossible. If your relationship is based on trust and understanding then every obstacle can be overcomed.Here are some ways you can deal with your child


It is not wrong if you ask for help. There are many people out there willing to help. Engage any support network, friends, or family you may have. Surround your self with people whom you trust and love. Being a single parent you will have the entire responsibility falling on your shoulders. You may have to work late at night or do all the household chores by yourself. At such times take the help of your neighbours For example, if you have to work late, they might agree to feed your child dinner and give them a safe environment in which to do homework. You can then later repay your neighbour for their kindness by taking care  of their child when the need arises.


Researches show that a child performs well both socially as well as academically when the child is felt loved or cared. Ask sisters, brothers, and grandparents to call and check in on your child if he/she is home alone. Without interrogating the child, ask them to ask casually what they are doing, whether they have eaten, and if their homework is done. When the child knows that  he/ she is being loved the child will feel loved and secure.


Talk to your child about the fact that you can’t be there all the time and let them know what you expect. You may feel that the child is too young to understand the situation, but it is important that the child know what the circumstances are
 If your child is more computer literate than you are – get a computer literate person at work to teach you how to check and monitor your child’s browsing history so you can see where they are going on the internet. Again, let your child know your expectations.


Let your child know the value of money. Help them deal with money by giving them chores to do to earn money. Always make them feel that all of you together are a team.


Know your childs friends.  As your child matures, they are exposed to more people and their circle of friends may change from when they were in elementary school or middle school. Do not dominate over your child as teenage is a very delicate phase of your son/daughter’s life time. Friends will be given more importance at this phase. What you can best do now is – get to know your child’s friends. Invite them over for lunch. Talk to them often. If you have a concern over their influence about their influence, watch things very carefully and make a move if you must.


Make time to talk to your child and do things together when you are home. Don’t just sit in front of the TV. Go to a movie. Go shopping. Take them out to lunch and talk. Ask questions gently. Stay in touch. Call from work to chat on a break. Leave notes. Schedule special dinners or outings to do things you both enjoy.

Most important of all do not try not to over-parent. If you are constantly getting in the way of your child’s life, they will not act the same. Bonding with your child can be a beautiful experience and a great solace for you. Keep in mind the following points and enjoy the relationship with your child.

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