How To Take Care Of A Child Suffering From Diabetes

If your child is suffering from diabetes, and you are looking out for a way to help your child. You are the right site.  It is very important that you pay special attention to your child who is at this threshold of life. Proper attention to studies [intellectual development] and physical development of your child is important.

Teenage is a wonky period in every individual’s life, more so for a child who is suffering from diabetes. Teen age is associated with several hormonal changes that cause a temporary worsening of the diabetic state and an increase in insulin requirement, also the psychological factor of peer pressure and overprotective family environment may cause stress and tension.

Here are some ways you can help out your child deal with diabetes at this phase


See that you provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home and avoid overprotection of your child. Also, do not completely ignore or neglect your child.


At this age chances are high that your child has Type 1 diabetes which requires insulin treatment and you should ensure that your child injects himself/herself regularly as per the doctors advice and also that the blood glucose is monitored more frequently so that changes in insulin dose can be made.


It is important that the entire family stand united together, in helping the child deal with diabetes so that psychological stress and its catastrophic consequences can be avoided or minimized


It is important that you develop a good rapport with your child’s friends and school authorities. Let them know about your child’s condition, as they play an important role in ensuring proper all-round development of your child and avoidance of accidents, like low-blood glucose. This is important especially if your child is active in sports and all other normal activities that healthy adolescents like to participate in.


Never stop your child from pursuing his or her activity of interest. These activities should never be discouraged as long as the child shows the willingness to learn how to take proper care of him/herself.

As a parent you know what is best for your child. Stand by your child during this phase. The best way you can support them is by treating them as responsible individuals and by letting them know that you trust them.

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