5 Potty Training Tips

Does you child still soils in diapers? Are you eager to stop this habit of your child? As a parent you must be eager to stop your child’s dependency on diapers. For some children potty training is pretty easy job whereas for some kids it is a difficult task for them to understand. You need to be highly patient during potty training.

Here are 5 tried and tested successful potty training tips which would help your toddler to use the potty.

  • It is generally observed that during toilet training kids do not react well to the pressure. So first thing is to make potty training a fun loving experience for your kid. Don’t keep hounding them to go to bathroom. Don’t punish them if they commit a mistake as they are very anxious and struggle with the process.
  • Children generally learn by imitating their parents. Although you might feel uncomfortable but set a model of yourself. This would help in developing good toilet habits in your child.
  • Immediately give your child a reward when he uses the potty correctly. The reward could a small treat such as a chocolate or a book. The reward would reinforce in him that going potty is a positive event.
  • If you feel that there is no progress in your potty training then it is better that you take a small break. You may find a lot of difference once you regain your training after the break.
  • The last thing for you is to set up a routine for you kid. Work out the time which is best suited for you as well as your kid. Even if he says no then also take your child for potty at that time for several days.

Don’t forget that children need some time to learn to react to the body signals. Try to get over their fear. Be patient and you will see that potty training will be successful.

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