Boost your child's confidence

If you love your child, and want himher to grow up with the confidence needed to face this competitive world, then be a great friend to them and relish revisiting your childhood.

Think alike!

Looking at a child’s perspective from their point of view will help you understand their problems easily. Learn to respect their feelings as a child for they have their own sense of thinking too. Treat the issues they bring up with great seriousness and discuss their likes as well dislikes with them. This will help you to

know their strength and weakness, helping you further to decide on how to work on either of them.

Be a Thoughtful Listener

Merely listening to your child’s problems can boost their confidence level and make them feel that you care. Participate in the talk, by asking questions and suggesting solutions instead of passing them off as childish . Laugh with and enjoy the musings of your child.

Criticism – Too Much and too Less of it

Criticizing your child on every mistake heshe commits might create an inferiority complex in their psyche. Learn to make constructive criticism and try and understand the reason behind the mistakes they make.

A failure or a success?

It does not matter if your child fails each time it strives to do something new. Install the mantra – Failure is the pillar of success . If they have the desired support and confidence from you they will soon learn to appreciate the value of failures as well successes in life. However do not overlook the success that they achieve no matter how small it is. Praise, is a definite tonic for building up self-confidence.

Precious: your Child or Work?

You are busy, but your child is precious too. After all it is for your child’s great future that you are working so hard. More than your money they need your attention. Hence, give them the time they need.
Love your child the way they want you to and give them the strength to rule the world.

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