Bathing Tips for your New born

A new baby always brings with it a new wave of ecstasy to its new parents. Nevertheless, the bundle of joy is also a source of constant concern and worry to an extent that brand new parents often wonder what next to do with a petal-soft baby!

True, it takes some time to fix a routine for the new member and get used to his cries and irritability. One big cause of apprehension for new moms is the cleaning part of their babies. Most newborns detest water falling on their tiny bodies. But, as parents, keeping the babies clean is their first and most important responsibility.

Tips to bathe the baby

Here are some suggestions and tips to bathe the apple of your eye:

  •  Bathing environment should be calm and warm. 
  •  The baby should not be hungry or tired. 
  •  Everything you need should be ready and at hand. 


For those stubborn little ones who hate too much water:

  1. Instead of bathing, you can ‘top and tail’ or sponge the baby everyday for sometime:
  2.  Wrap your baby in a towel to stop them from waving their arms. Undress them only if you want to. 
  3.  Wipe his eye with a little cotton wool that has been dipped in cooled boiled water. Begin with the inside of his eye and work outward. Wipe the other eye with another piece of cotton wool. 
  4.  Use wet cotton wool to wipe over and behind his ear. Use fresh piece of cotton wool for each ear. 
  5.  Wipe his face, neck and under their chin with damp flannel or cotton wool. 
  6.  Pat dry with a soft towel making sure that the baby is not damp in the creases. 
  7.  Wipe dry his hands. 
  8.  Change their nappy after cleaning nappy area and change into clean clothes. Using special bedtime clothes can help them get used to a bedtime routine.

You need not wash your baby’s hair every day. Just wiping it with a damp flannel cloth will remove any dirt that is there.

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