Single Parent Adoption – Know It

In the not-too-distant past, single parent adoption was virtually impossible. Now it has become common, with thousands of children being adopted by single men and women every year. Since the past few years, a new trend has been seen in the field of adoption, that of Single Parent Adoption. Now it has become common, with thousands of children being adopted by single men and women every year.

Approximately 25 percent of the adoptions of children with special needs are by single men and women,1 and it is estimated that about 5 percent of all other adoptions are by single people. The outlook for single parent adoption is encouraging as it becomes more widely accepted.

Do all organizations accept single applications?

Not all adoption agencies will accept single applicants. Agencies have varying policies in dealing with single applicants. Some don’t accept them at all. Others may put your application and request for a home study (a family assessment) on the back burner while waiting to find a couple who wants to adopt. The children offered to you may have disabilities that you cannot handle or be 12-years-old when you requested a toddler.

General steps

In case you want to go in for single parent adoption, the first step should be collect information about the same. It is best to contact other single parents who have adopted kids or the social service agencies who assist in adoption. There are a number of books on adoption, which guide you through both, the emotional aspects of adoption as well as the adoption procedure.

The minimum adoption age criteria for a single parent in India is 30 years. It is also necessary for the adoptive parent to have additional family support system. Last but not the least, there will be a homestudy, where an adoption counselor will visit your home to analyze your lifestyle, immediate and extended family, finances and reasons for adopting. Though the procedure is a little lengthy and bothersome, it is definitely worth the joy of having a child in your arms.

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