3 Highly Effective ways to Say “No” to Your Kids

Kids are always sweet to watch and adults often most willingly comply with almost all their wishes. But there are times when parents should be able to deny certain things to their kids. Saying No to your child is never easy. But with lots of love and a little tact, parents could learn the technique of saying no to their little ones.

Tell them the truth:

When you deny your kids something, it is not without a sound reason. So, as far as possible, tell them the actual reason in a way that they will understand and don’t cook up stories as far as possible. This will make kids understand your problems well in later life too.

Don’t wait for them to ask:

You know what they like and what you could afford for them. So, buy them occasionally without their asking. This will go a long way in making them realize why you refuse certain things, since they know that otherwise, you are a very compliant parent.

Listen to them:

For older kids, always listen to their side of the disagreement. Listening means keeping eye contact, sitting close, giving positive facial expressions, and keeping quiet while your child says what they need to say. Let them know why you are saying no and what they may be able to do to get a yes from you next time, or at what age you feel their request is appropriate, and why. You may be surprised at your children’s insight and maturity. Treating them with respect teaches them respect.

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