Tips to Choose a Perfect Name for your Baby

Choosing your baby’s name can be a very emotional experience. Sometimes it’s easy. Usually, it’s not. Remember that the name is what identifies your baby for the rest of his or her life, so choose wisely! There’s so much to consider, but the most important thing to remember is to love the name.

When naming a baby there are, of course, many other points to consider besides how popular or unique a name is. Here are some helpful tips that you can use with your other children to get them involved in choosing a name for the new baby and to make the process fun:

Make a list

If you think of a name you like write it down.  It is difficult to remember a name you heard at the office or a party the day before.  A list also comes in handy as a check-off list to go over with your partner.  You should both be happy with the name and you may have to compromise.

Do some search

Search through baby books or on-line books and make a list of the names you like, include 20-40 names. Then go back the next day and cross off the ones you don’t like as much. After about a week you should have your list narrowed down to a few choices.

Say it out loud

How does it sound? Whisper is softly and then loudly. How about when it’s said with a middle name or your last name? Does it rhyme? If it does, does it sound good? Think about associated nicknames and say them out loud too.

Dare to be different

You may not want your son to be one of three Rahuls or Johns in class.  However, remember that a unique name that is overly cute or trendy will not be so cute when your child is grown and has to explain the rationale behind their now, very odd name.

A hint of warning..

Watch out for names that can be shortened or have a hidden joke, especially if they rhyme with profanity.

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