How to Communicate Effectively With Your Children

By communicating with your children this includes more than just talking to them. It’s important that what you say get through to your kids, and you must make sure they really understand what you are trying to tell them. In order to have true effective communication, there has to be an exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings from one mind to another.

Some tips to keep in mind

Child may burst into the room and excitedly begin relating some event to his father or mother. If the parent cuts the child off irritatingly, the child’s enthusiasm may be dampened. 

Another thing you will want to keep in mind is to be patient and have self-control. Since most kids are inclined to be impetuous, they may blurt out whatever is on their minds, maybe even interrupting your adult conversation. Instead of just instantly rejecting them or casting them aside it would be better to listen politely, and kindly remind them to be polite. This will give them a good example of self control to follow.

Adolescence is a very difficult time for your children. Your approach to their problems may have to change from time to time. It’s also very important for parents to take the initiative to start a conversation. This will not be an easy task for those who have not kept the lines of communication open with their children. It will not be the same as when they were young children. Do not let your authority be ignored or overruled. When problems do arise it is important that you try to understand and not make major issues out of minor things. 

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