How to Teach your Kids Table Manners

Some kids eat well and without much fuss or mess. But most kids are right the opposite. While attempting to teach table manners to children, parents should first and foremost understand that kids basically love to be messy. This calls for a lot of patience and understanding from parents. This is because kids are not born with a natural taste for table etiquette.

You have to practice by learning to forgive your three year old for spitting his/her food on the table or shifting and shuffling from the chair. You shall also have to initially put up with the child gobbling the food, using one or both hands etc. However, see that this does not go on till the child is old enough.

What to teach your little ones

  • Teach kids how to place the napkin in the lap and how to sit up straight and near the table. Be sure to let youngsters know not to plop their elbows on the table.
  • Practice table manners such as passing food, asking for something rather than reaching across the table to get it (and risk spilling a drink or worse), and to take only as much as they know they’ll eat. The proper table manners protocol is to pass food from left to right.
  • Teach them not to read or watch television while eating. Mealtimes should be a chance for the family to sit together and catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives.
  • Tell them that If they need to leave the table, they are supposed to excuse themselves before going. Announcing loudly that you have to go to the bathroom is impolite.
  • Importantly, teach them that burping is not considered polite.

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