How to Teach Your Child to Read

Most people think children learn how to read through their eyes. But reading is actually learned through the ears. Parents lay a foundation for success in reading by talking to a child, reading books to her, and playing auditory games such as rhyming. The more books you read, the bigger her vocabulary becomes. A bigger vocabulary allows her to recognize lots of words while she reads.

Since a child learns a language best by listening, encourage your child to listen by asking questions in between the story you are narrating. Ask your child to create a story and tell you sometimes. He/she will most probably put together all cues you have given to her through stories. This will build your child’s vocabulary.

Gift your little one a beautiful fairy tale book with lots of colourful illustrations. This will create in him the urge to read stories by himself. This is a good time to start teaching him the alphabets, since he is lured into it and knows what is waiting for him if he knows the letters.

Once he is familiar enough with the letters, let him play with them. Buy a scrabble board and do find time to play with him. The vocabulary he has acquired through your bed-time stories should help him here. Tell him to read at least one story each day from the book and narrate it to you the next day. As he grows a little, buy him a pocket dictionary and take time to teach him how to hunt for the meaning of a word. Soon, you will find your kid delving into more enlightening and thought provoking books.

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