Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Kids are restless creatures, always in a hurry. Many a time, school-going children skip their breakfast, saying it’s time for their bus, or that they are not really hungry. But we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not to be missed. Moms have to think up of ways to make their kids’ breakfast nutritious as well as varied so that kids eat their morning meal without fuss.

Eggs are versatile and nutritious, plus most kids like them. Start their day with simple scrambled eggs, you can add a little chopped ham, cheese, chopped tomatoes or mushrooms. Boiled eggs with slices of toast will down well too.

Fun substitutes like a snack mix for kids over three years of age made with oat cereal, graham snacks, peanuts and raisins offers a variety for different breakfast choices. A warm meal can also be easily prepared the night before with Bisquick, shredded cheese, eggs and cooked sausage. This can be popped into the oven while you shower and dress.

Try a fresh fruit salad with a yogurt and cheerio dip. Using a rolling pin mash a handful of two of whole grain Cheerios in a plastic bag and transfer to a bowl. Fill another bowl with yogurt and let your kids dip the fruit pieces in yogurt then in the cheerio mixture. Whole grain Cheerios have a lower sugar content then many of the cereals on the supermarket shelves.

Remember breakfast doesn’t have to always consist of the traditional toast, cereal and eggs you can experiment a little to keep things interesting. If your kids really aren’t hungry at breakfast time a simple banana and a glass of orange juice will give them an instant boost.

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