Signs And Symptoms Of Alcoholism In Your Child

Alcoholism is a debilitating disease. It is an addiction to alcohol. It is a chronic progressive disease that completely ruins the physical and mental health of the drinker. Ultimately, it leads to his pre-mature death.

Alcoholism, or alcohol abuse or dependence in a child is a serious personal and social problem. It not only affects the child, but also affects his family and friends. To identify if your child is suffering from alcoholism you should have knowledge on the signs and symptoms of alcoholism in your child, which are listed below.

Signs of Symptoms of Alcoholism in Your Child

  • Unexplained or repeated physical injuries such as gunshot or knife wound
  • Dilated or pinpoint pupils, sweats, and tremors (evidence of current alcohol consumption)
  • Slurred or rapid speech
  • Persistent cough due to cigarette smoking (alcoholism may lead to cigarette smoking)
  • Engagement in risky behavior, e.g. unprotected sex
  • Marked fall in academic or extracurricular performance
  • Depression followed by suicide talk or attempt
  • Inflamed, eroded nasal septum
  • Track marks, injection sites
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Infection on face, arms, and legs
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Pregnancy

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