Suicide Among Teens

Teenage is a crucial phase of life. A teen has many new personal, social, and academic pressures. And if he has additional problems such as violent or abusive environment, sexuality problem etc. to deal with, life can become even more difficult for him. So he may think of committing suicide and in fact may actually attempt suicide.

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among teens (15 to 24 years of age) as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC also mentioned that suicide rate varies with gender, race, sexuality, and environment. While females attempt suicide four times more than males, males actually commit suicide four times more than females. As far as race is concerned, in the US white males and females commit more suicides than any other race. In fact they make up almost half of the suicides in the US. In the US, homosexuals commit 30 percent of all suicides. Concerning environment, researches have shown that teens coming form wealthy families are more prone to commit suicide.

Causes of Teenage Suicide

  • Psychological disorders such as mental (depression) or substance (alcohol and drug) related disorder.
  • Feelings of hurt, disappointment, distress, guilt, irritability, or agitation.
  • Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness due to failure (in exams) or rejection (by partner or peers) or loss of loved ones.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Physical or sexual abuse.
  • Feelings of social exclusion and isolation due to poor relationships with parents or peers and lack of a support network.
  • Family turmoil.

Warning Signs of Suicide

  • Talking about death
  • Neglecting appearance
  • Feeling of hopelessness, failure, or guilt
  • Restlessness
  • Sudden improvement in personality
  • Giving away possessions

How to Help

  • Counseling: Talk openly and frequently with your children. Don’t argue with them.
  • Don’t leave your child alone.
  • Find immediate professional help.

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