Teach your Children Time Management Skills

Managing one’s time well is one of the most important secrets of success. People fail to achieve targets many a time because they lack this skill. As a responsible parent, you should make sure that your child learns how to organize things within time. This skill is better learned at an early age.

Allot time proportionately: You have seen through your kid in trials and errors and know well what he takes more time for and what he can do in a trice. Set him time accordingly. Let him use the allotted time wisely and finish the task within time. If this is made a regular practice, it soon becomes a part of his habit and lasts lifelong.

Lure him!  It is sometimes a good idea to place conditions to foster time management. For instance, you could say, if you finish your homework within one hour, we shall go to the zoo this weekend . And make sure you keep the promise if and only if he meets the target. This will make your child realize that you really mean what you say. Thinking of the reward waiting, he will just finish his work!

Reward him: At times, you might find your child finish his work before time. In these occasions, appreciate him and show it by rewarding him. For instance you could make him his favourite dish or buy him a board game.

Include your kid in home management too: Managing time comes from a range of activities and a variety of tasks. Pull in your child in helping you out in your work. For instance, let him plan his birthday activities and make the shopping list, game list and friends list. This will improve his overall aptitude to co-ordinate things well and within a given time.

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