How To Deal With Stuttering In Kids?

Are you worried about how to deal with stuttering in your kid? Don’t worry! We will help you in finding ways to deal with stuttering kids.

What is Stuttering

Stuttering which is also known as stammering is interruption in the flow of speech and disruption in fluency of the speech. Interruption in the flow of speech may occur due to stoppages which generally take the form of involuntary repetitions of words or phrases, sounds or syllables. Sometimes there may be complete silent pause or block, where the kid is unable to produce the next word.

Causes of Stuttering in Kids

It is unclear what causes stuttering; but, some scientists believe that genetic factor may be one of the major reasons for stuttering in kids.

Treatment for Stuttering in Kids

Consulting a speech therapist is really beneficial in treating stuttering in your kid. Apart from seeking the advice of an expert you can employ simple techniques, which are listed below, at your home for dealing with stuttering in your kid.

Tips for Parents to Deal with Stuttering in Kids

* To make your child feel less rushed, slow down your own speech.
* While replying to your child’s queries take a short pause before answering his question.
* Make an eye contact with your child while he speaks. Even if his speech is slow look at him as he speaks.
* Don’t correct or interrupt your child when he is talking.
* Neither ask your child to repeat himself nor ask him to slow down.
* Give your child the time to finish what he wants to say.
* Don’t fire questions at your child, like, when he comes home from school (interested to know what he did all through out the day). Too many questions can pressurize your child. Rather, give him time to answer everything thoroughly, without having to rush.
* Try minimizing stress or situations that make stuttering worse.
* Make sure your child does not suffer from lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can make stuttering worse. So make sure he gets a good night’s sleep.
* Don’t differentiate your child who stutters from your other children who don’t stutter.
* Praise your child when he achieves things.
* Let your child know that you love him very much.

If you ignore stuttering in your kid it will get resolved without any intervention. Be supportive to your kid suffering from stuttering and help him in overcoming the speech disorder, successfully.

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