Breastfed Babies Become Smarter Adults

A new study has confirmed that

breast-fed babies become smarter adults

. The study has established that breast-fed babies become better adults than their bottle-fed peers.

The study reported that

breast milk is the perfect source of nutrition for newborns

. It is the primary source of nutrition for infants. Before the newborns are actually able to eat solid food and digest variety of food items, the best source of nutrition for them is breast milk.

The study said that the longer an infant is breast-fed the more likely he or she is to

become better educated adults

. Babies breast-fed for at least nine months grow up to be

more intelligent

adults than infants breast-fed for one month or less. Moreover, they are

more likely to move up in social class

, based on occupation. So, breast-fed babies move up the social ladder better than their bottle-fed peers.

Other similar studies report that

breast-fed infants enjoy a host of health-related benefits

. Their chance of getting infected is minimal. Moreover, they are protected against chronic diseases and psychiatric disorders.

Breast-fed infants have physical benefits

over bottle-fed babies. The rate of hospitalization, allergies and ear infections are much lower in case of breast-fed babies. Breast-fed babies are also less likely to become obese, according to the study. So, overall, breast-fed babies become smarter adults.

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