Sex Education Is Important For Youngsters

Sex education is a basic health fact that should be imparted to each and every youngster. Research shows proper sex education actually empowers youngsters to know their boundaries.

With alarming rise in rape, murder, unwanted pregnancy, baby dumping, STD, and HIV/AIDS sex education plays an important role. It educates our youngsters to respect their bodies and also the opposite sex.

Many parents worry that increased sex knowledge will lead to increased sex activity among youngsters. But this is not true. Rather, much adolescent sex activity is actually encouraged by ignorance. Parents often pass ignorance to their children in the form of taboos, superstitious beliefs, guilt feelings and misconceptions. Increased sex activity among youngsters is also stimulated by the mystery in which the subject is so often wrapped. The desire to experiment also drives youngsters to indulge in sex.

Sex education is not meant to promote promiscuity as observed by many parents and critics. Rather, it encourages abstinence. Moreover, it also helps in the

prevention of unwanted incidents

, such as:

  • Early sexual encounters
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Baby dumping
  • STD

Sex education also pushes back the age at which children may experiment with sex. It encourages youngsters to use a condom during their first sexual experience.

Sex education also helps in warding off the false and dangerous misconceptions about sex that youngsters hold.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to impart sexual scientific knowledge to youngsters.

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