How Danger is Your Kid’s Toy?

Kids are fascinated by toys. They can spend the whole day playing with toys. But they don’t realize that their toys can be very dangerous. Even parents and caregivers may not be aware that some children’s toys are potentially harmful.

Harmful Chemicals Present in Kids’ Toys

Some harmful chemicals can be present in toys that make them potentially dangerous. They include:

  1. Lead: Toys which have a surface coated and painted with lead are dangerous. Lead is a lethal poison. Kids who ingest lead when they put their toys in their mouths or put their hands in their mouths after touching the toys may suffer from brain damage.
  2. Magnets: Loose magnets when swallowed can cause injury or death.

Kids’ Toys That Cause Harm

There are certain toys which can cause harm to children. These include:

  • Rockets: If the foam tip of the rocket breaks off and exposes sharp edges, it can cause eye injuries or scratches to the face. The pump handle present in rockets is generally weak. If it breaks during use it can cause hand injuries.
  • Air-powered toy planes: Air-powered planes have plastic air chambers. These chambers can burst, resulting in broken small plastic pieces that can cause lacerations, bruises and abrasion hazards to children.
  • Animal Toy Sponges: The eyes on the toys can detach, causing a choking hazard.
  • Stuffed Polyester Animals: The seams in the stuffed polyester animals can separate, exposing the foam beads and the polyester stuffing. The foam beads present a choking hazard to children.
  • Cotton Candy Machine: The cotton candy machine contains an electric motor, which, if it gets jammed and overheated, can cause a fire hazard. There is a risk of burns to kids when the machine overheats.
  • Baby Walkers: Babies using walkers can fall down stairs and can be seriously injured or even killed because the walkers are not designed to stop at the edge of a step.
  • Toy Tracks: The toy tracks on an activity center can break and cause cuts or scratches.

Next time you buy a toy for your kid, check it out thoroughly to make sure it is safe for your child!

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