Your Child is Watching You. Beware!

Parents have the tremendous responsibility of bringing up a child. They have to set an example. They must perform activities which their children can also carry out. Children imitate their parents. They do the same things that their parents do. Why is this so?

Why do Children Watch Parents?

  • Children like to do what their parents do. Parents are their role models. They think they are always right.
  • Parents often teach their children things that they do not practice themselves. Children do not carry them out or find it confusing if their parents are not doing the same things.
  • If parents are behaving in a particular manner then children also behave in similar fashion. If a parent yells too much, the child will also yell, imitating the parents.
  • Parents need to set an example in front of their children. They should behave sensibly and not behave like a child themselves.
  • Children develop manners by observing their parents. Parents need to be courteous and speak appropriately.
  • Punishment should also be given judiciously to children. Children are always watching to see whether their parents approve of their behavior or not. If they are punished, then they stop that particular behavior. If not then they will carry on, as they feel their parents have approved of it.
  • Watching too much T.V. may not be good. It is the same for children. Watching too much T.V. is not good for children’s development.
  • Parents should always be confident in front of their children. If they are nervous, then their children may also grow up to be nervous. Children watch their parents being nervous and feel it is alright to be nervous.
  • Even the choice of clothing matters to the children. They look at what their parents wear and they want to wear similar clothes.

Children watch their parents. They imitate their parents. They like to behave like their parents. Parents should be conscious of how they react to a given situation. Children also react accordingly. Parents need to be a good role model for their children.

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