How Parents Can Help Their Child With Homework?

Homework is very important for children. Performance at school can depend upon it. Some teachers give a lot of homework. A child may need help from the parents. In fact, parents should always help their child complete homework. How?

How to Help your Child Complete His or Her Homework?

  • As soon as your child returns from school, check and see if he or she has any homework.
  • Help your child realize that it is important to do the homework and not neglect it.
  • Your child is the one who should do the homework. You are only there to assist.
  • Prioritize the work. The most important homework should be done first.
  • Involve yourself with the school activities of the child through the homework. Find out more about what is happening at school.
  • Fix a set time for the homework. Your child should be regular in his or her work. Don’t let it clash with playtime.
  • Reduce the drudgery of homework by making it interesting. Explain the lessons in an interesting manner.
  • Help your child to develop effective learning strategies. Your child should be able to complete his or her homework quickly and effectively.
  • Be in constant touch with the class teacher about performance and homework.
  • You can build up a good rapport with your child by helping him or her with homework.
  • There should not be any kind of disturbance while doing the homework. Your child needs to concentrate on the work without being distracted.
  • Both parents should take an interest in their child’s schoolwork. The child should not feel neglected.

Parents have a major responsibility in ensuring that their children complete their homework. They should take interest in schoolwork in general. Personal involvement is essential. Adequate time should be spent with your child to complete the homework. Bridge the gap between you and your child by helping out with your child’s homework!

2 responses to How Parents Can Help Their Child With Homework?

  1. Good points. Also, it can help to have a place set up where the child normally does his or her homwork and has needed items at hand – paper, pencil sharpener etc.

  2. This list of homework tips for parents is a wonderful foundation to build upon.
    Recent scientific research has confirmed that we all have different learning preferences and that we all learn best with different strategies. Brain research has shown that regardless of learning style, we all process information in specific ways.

    For example, here’s one of my favorite (and very easy) strategies:

    For example, here are some of my favorite (and very easy) strategies:
    § Have children print information to be memorized.
    § Border key spelling words, people, places, etc.
    § Have children use two colors when working alternating the color of each fact they are writing in their notes. Color makes facts stand out as unique. If all notes are in one color, nothing stands out as unique and is therefore harder to remember.
    § Highlight important information, not EVERYTHING.
    § Alternate color gel pens, markers, crayons, etc.

    Here’s a strategy for studying vocabulary words:
    Vocabulary Study Strategy
    1. Choose a vocabulary word.
    2. Print it on one side of a “flash” card. (Use index cards, heavy paper cut into strips, etc.)
    3. it.
    4. Ask your child to tell you what he or she thinks it means so that it draws from what your child already knows.
    5. Reinforce the correct definition.
    6. Print the definition on the other side of the “flash” card.
    7. Stand and act out a movement for the word while spelling it aloud three times!

    Susan Fitzell