The Winning ways to talk with young children

Talking with children is the beginning of strengthening the bond between parent and children. Talking with children involves the exchange of words, ideas, and feelings between two people. Communication is what we say and how we say it.

Non-verbal communication

We communicate with looks (scowls and smiles), with actions (slaps and hugs), with silence (warm or cold), as well as with words (kind and unkind). Adults usually do not have any difficulty communicating with children when it simply involves giving directions on how to use scissors or explaining the danger of cars, but they do have difficulty communicating when feelings are involved – either the child’s or their own.

Good Communication leads to:

  • warm relationships
  • co-operation
  • feelings of worth

Poor Communication leads to:

  • kids who “turn off” adults
  • conflicts and bickering
  • feelings of worthlessness

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