MySpace and Teenagers

MySpace is a social networking site where one should be 14 years and above to sign in. Social networking sites are both safe and unsafe as real life social circles. To look at the positive side of such sites is that one can find friends/people with same likes and dislikes here but this being a virtual media one can fake easily.

Internet offers a certain amount of anonymity which helps shape one’s personality as well as endanger one psychologically and emotionally as well. Cyber bullying is not uncommon. But a shy person can make friends on internet and this might change them in real life.

Social circles always make an influence on our lives. The issue is that of whether the circle is good or bad. Children are likely to be exposed to pornography, drugs etc. indirectly through such sites. But there is nothing so scary as long you know your children and what they are doing.

Discourage your children to make friendships with older people on net. Ask them to limit their interaction with their age group and school friends and people whom they know in real life. Talk to your children of the dangers related to such sites and educate they about the safety tips.

Always listen to what your children want to say. Do not chide your children if they have done something wrong. Take patience in listening to them and help them realize if they have done something wrong and warn them that they are the ones who are going to be affected.

Teenage is the stage of growing up. They will be hurt if you scold them and they will not understand that you are scolding them for their own benefit. So keep an eye on what your children are doing on net. See whom they are talking to and advise them not to do things which they would not be proud of if being exposed.

Some children are smart, they know how to tap various resources for their own benefit, and not all children are like that. You need to understand the level of maturity in your children and then guide them accordingly. But see that you don’t take decisions on their behalf.

Social networks are all about sharing and knowing oneself and others. Every one of us has this desire to display our talents and be known so teenagers are likely to try out things, which is going to shock you. So as a parent have patience. Talk with your children, but do not try to lecture them, and reason out if you think they have done something wrong.

Teenage children need support and affirmation. Be supportive, be a friend to them, and share your teenage experience with them it will make your job of parenting your teenager easier.

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