Research Finds Benefits in Breast-feeding

Mothers should know that breast-feeding is beneficial for both mother and child. Breast-fed children are less found to be overweight.

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Besides, breastfeeding reduces a mother’s chances of breast cancer.

Breast feeding also cuts down mother’s chances of pre and post menopausal breast cancer. American Institute for Cancer Research in a research found the link between breastfeeding and reduced chances of breast cancer and they have found that awareness related to the benefits of breastfeeding is lacking among most women. The Institute is going to spread awareness among women so that they can make an informed choice related to breastfeeding their babies.

Breast feeding has become unpopular among women for various reasons. One reason being that working mothers do not have the time to breast feed their babies. They put their babies on formula milk because they spend considerable time at workplaces. Certain illnesses in mothers prohibit them from breastfeeding their babies.

Breast milk contains elements required for healthy development of babies and no other milk can substitute breast milk. Breast milk develops immunity in children and this protects children are from various illnesses. Body weight is a major concern among the world populace and children are found to be obese these days. The good news is that breast milk does not make babies overweight, which is a common problem among formula fed babies.

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