When Parents are Sexual Predators

Cases of sexual violence on women and children are occurring all over the globe. The sexual exploitation of children by parents is the worst form of crime imaginable on earth. Children are supposed to be protected by parents rather children are becoming victims of their parents’ mental illnesses.

All such human aberrations call for serious attention towards taking mental health seriously. Parents cannot treat children as property or as objects. Children are human beings and have every human rights possible on earth. Physical force on children can be detrimental to healthy personality development in children.

Alcoholic parents abuse their children and more and more complexities are creeping into families. Parental divorce leave children shattered and then children have to cope with their parent’s instability, which reflect in the form of parental negligence towards children.

Rearing up children demands serious responsibility and children in an unstable heterosexual relationship are as vulnerable as children in same sex marriages where the adults play role of their choices and not as per their sex. All these add to the confusions that children face while growing up.

Then there are the pedophiles who are everywhere and worst of all if they exist in the family. Recently in Hyderabad instances of child rape and molestation in the family and by the father has happened. In Austria, a girl was locked up for 24 years by her father, who fathered her seven children. In another instance a girl was locked up by her abductor but the teenage finally escaped and the silver lining to the incident is that the girl wants to complete her high school and go for further studies in psychology, journalism etc.

It is also observed that victims of child sex abuse have experienced sexual molestation or violation at a very early and there is no harm in spreading sex education among children as young as possible so that they know that they have a right over their bodies and need to protect their bodies. In US, The United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association have together developed a curriculum called Our Whole Lives–Sexuality and Our Faith for children as young as 6. It is perhaps right to start early these days and help children grow with confidence.1

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