Juvenile Crime is Increasing All over the Globe

Juvenile crimes are increasing all over the world. Both girls and boys are increasingly involved in crimes. Earlier boys alone resorted to violence but nowadays girls are found involved in violent crimes. There are many reasons why juvenile crime is increasing. The most important reason being families have become dysfunctional.

Job insecurity, alcoholism and illnesses affect adult behavior and adults who are supposed to be role models to their children are unfortunately victims of social ills. Alcoholic parents are found to abuse their children and these children grow up thinking violence is normal. Being left on their own these children fall back on their peer groups for support who are likely to come from similar dysfunctional families.

But juvenile crime is not confined to underprivileged sections of society. It is spreading to all sections of society. As both the parents go to work for economic reasons children are left unsupervised. Children watch TV for longer hours which influence young minds more than we can imagine.

Internet Games also responsible for rising juvenile crimes. Children enjoy playing raping, murdering and driving recklessly on the internet. Media also provokes young children to engage in exhibitionism in the name of showcasing talents.

There is hardly anything called childhood in the life of the children these days. Children are exposed to adulthood too early for which parents and society are responsible. Parenting styles affect children’s psychology more than anything else. It is difficult to shield children from social evils.

There are no such role models to emulate. In such a situation we need to highlight more of the good than the bad. Emphasis should be laid on personalities that encourage one to follow his or her footsteps to become a better human being. If a person is a reformed character that person can provide a lot of hope in the minds of the delinquent children.

The greater responsibility lies upon the community. Families need to come together and find solutions to it. Parents should discuss how best they can guide their children and make their neighbourhood a safe place for their children. Parents need to take the first step if they want their children to grow up to socially responsible and successful adults.

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