Child Safety while Traveling

Traveling is fun but if you have toddlers to take along with, you really need to be prepared beforehand. To have fun while you travel means parents and adults have to be a little more cautious. Here we have few tips to help to travel safely and comfortably. These tips are not enough. Your alertness and awareness are important. So don’t forget to exchange notes with other parents who travel with their children.


Plan first

Before you pick up your kid to catch a flight, plan beforehand about the supplies you need to keep before boarding on to the flight. The longer the hours of flight, you need to be prepared to meet all the emergency needs of your little bundle of joy.

Children less than 20 pounds

If your child weighs less than 20 pounds you need to put your kid into a child restraint seat. It is good to buy a separate seat for your child if s/he is less than two years. Even if the child would travel sitting on your lap see that you use some kind of child restraint systems.

For further effective guidance follow guidelines in

Be prepared for emergencies

Listen carefully to the standard pre-flight emergency briefing. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are not clear. So for the safety of your kids, make sure you are aware of emergency equipment or procedures that would apply to your children.

Don’t hesitate to inform the flight attendant if your kid has a medical condition

Take enough food, diapers, medicine, and other items to last through possible flight delays etc. If your child is on special diet or on medication carry all the child’s essentials with you.

Keep your children under constant supervision

Do not allow your children to wander while you fall asleep. Don’t allow them to interact with strangers because we do not know strangers. Apparently a stranger may like to befriend your kid but strangers can become a nuisance sooner or later.

While on flight see that your children does not reach cups of hot coffee, and other hazards

Do not allow your kid to sit near the aisle because children extend their arms to catch whatever catches their attention. It is best if the child is seated between two adults or between the window and an adult

Allow your kids to carry safe toys

Don’t allow your children to play electronic games because it may interfere with an aircraft’s navigational system.

If your kid is traveling alone

See that your kid is placed in a safe place. Request the flight attendant to seat your child in an isolated row. Advise your kids not to sit near people who are drinking alcohol. Tell them not to eat from strangers. Tell the other person who is supposed to pick your kid from airport to be there before the aircraft lands.

Ask your kid to memorize all the details like contact address and number of the other person in case there is an emergency. But do not forget to tell your kid to blurt out all the details to a stranger. You can always tell your kids to approach people in uniform on board or in the airport in case they need help

While traveling in cars

If your kid is less that 20 pounds place him/her on the rear seat in a rear-facing infant seat. Until your child is more than 4 years there are different and special seating available for different age-groups. Until they are fit for vehicle set-belts it is always good to place them in seats meant for them because that ensures a certain amount of physical security to your kids.

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