Help your Children Make the Right Career Choice

All of us have grown up dreaming about a lot of things. Some of our dreams have been fulfilled while many have remained unfulfilled. We as parents love our children so much that we want some of our dreams to be fulfilled through our children.

Some children start dreaming of things which their parents have aspired to make their parents happy. It is human nature to reciprocate when love and affection are showered by the other. Children sacrifice their own desires as parents do theirs.

Sometimes children fail to fulfil their own dreams and their parents dreams for various reasons. So what can we as parents do to guide our children fulfil their own dreams and live a happy life. No doubt their happiness will always reflects on us if we are successful in bringing them first as responsible human beings.

Now apart from inculcating discipline and good values in our children what do we need to do to guide our children in making right career choices? Here are suggestions but there could be others too. Now let us look at few of these.

Let us first sit with our kids and try to understand what they want to be in future. We need to see how they are faring in their studies. The grades in every subject should be taken note of. If the kid is doing well in a particular subject with little effort, it means the kid has a natural disposition for the subject. While the kid is struggling with some other subject and yet claims it to be his favourite subject, it means the kid has fascination for the subject for various reasons or that the subject is quite difficult or not being taught properly at school.

But we should take care that our kids are giving importance to all the subjects until it is time to go for specialization. Knowledge helps so we need to inculcate in our children the urge to read all subjects with diligence because we do not which subjects could help them get a foothold in future.

If our children are not doing well in a particular subject we need to find out what help is available for our children’s improvement. Do not compare your kids to others and avoid criticizing. Children may withdraw if they are told they are weak and that are incapable. Children need lot of encouragement which we as parents need to give them. Words matter a lot.

Now let us ask our colleagues and friends about what is the job market like. What degrees are required to get good jobs and which jobs have better future prospects? After this we ourselves can sit with our children and surf the internet and see what are the best job opportunities available and what degrees children need to go for.

Do not forget to talk to your kids’ teachers. They will also suggest what to do next? It is always good to meet teachers often to keep a track about how your children are doing in studies. You may be a busy parent and may not have the time to see what your children are doing at home. You can only know from their school performance. So talk and take responsibility or help your children find a mentor in your locality or among your distant relatives in guiding your children towards making right career choices.

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