Why Teens should Refrain from Sex?

If two persons of opposite sex engage in unprotected sexual intercourse the result is naturally pregnancy. So it is girls who will get pregnant and will have to bear the pain and burden the pregnancy before they have grown up to adults. Both girls and boys are usually unprepared to handle safe sex and no parents should encourage sex when their children are mere teenagers.

Let us not debate who pushes to sex whether it is girls or boys because the major concern here is health. The curiosity and to display more maturity than their peers teenagers often engage in sexual intercourse.

Remember teenage is a period of growth and one is never ready for a family. Enjoy the bliss of innocence because the whole life is left for sex. People these days claim sexual potency even after the age of 50. So my dear teenage friends enjoy an asexual life till you are prepared to take the material and physical consequences of sex.

There is no need to follow the musicians and stars in their sexual adventures and drug abuse. There are only few who rise to the top and rising to the top is not so smooth. It is a market and don’t think that the most talented always gets rewarded. Many of these stars have past which they are ashamed of and have to work harder to hide them from the public.

So why not choose to live healthy and wait patiently for your time to make a mark in any activity where you excel all others. There is no alternative to good health and opportunities do not knock once, they knock thousands of times. So choose a disciplined life and you will enjoy the fruits of your hard labor and will survive the ups and downs of life with grace and dignity.

You should know that rearing up a baby is no mean joke. As a teenage you are not equipped to earn that much money, or emotionally and physically strong to take care of a baby and partner and most importantly studies. You might have been a promising student and pregnancy might have forced you top drop from school.

So wait till you are on your own to manage the consequences of sex. Be financially stable and then make choices. Sex can wait and many of us did not even have sex till the age of 30. I am not telling you to abstain so long but think of doing things when you honestly feel that you can take the onus of it. If someone tells you that you are frigid etc., ignore such comments. It is your welfare which should concern you more than what people think about you.

The more you try to dress attractively it tells people that you are inviting attention and there are different types of people hanging around and are ready to violate you. Sweetly they would coax you to bed. They may even try to blackmail you later. Then if you are pregnant you have to go around seeking help. Please dont hesitate to tell your parents and seek help from a healthcare provider.

So avoid sex until you are old enough and be sure about your partner’s sexual inclinations. He or she may have multiple sex partners and people with multiple sex partners are likely to carry many sexual diseases. S/he could be possibly infected with STDs or be HIV+.

Celebrate teenage with fun. Engage in some good sports, get tired, come home and sleep. Read books improve your general knowledge, think positive and plan to do something good and love yourself for what you have. You don’t have to be like the prettiest girl in your class, or a geek, or a pundit. Be yourself, be creative and hardworking you will have what you want in life. Life has so much to offer, explore other things as sex can wait.

All the best!

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