Child Safety Alarms

Child Safety Alarms are devices that help you locate your child when the child is out of sight. Children disappear often while playing. In a busy mall when you are looking around for things you want to buy, it is not impossible for your child to give you the slip; most parents have experienced it.

Why use a child safety alarm?

Sometimes toddlers are so enthusiastic that they may land in trouble by falling into a place where they can’t get out or they may have been picked up by a stranger.

Anything can happen to kids between 6 months and three years. During this, period kids are not in a position to remember their address and the way home. They just know their parents and caregivers.

How does a child safety alarm work?

Child safety alarms come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. Some have a long wire stretching at quite a distance away from the safety zone, and it is tied around a child’s wrist or other places of the body. The device is tied to the body in such a manner that it can’t fall off.

Other child safety alarms are transmitters. These transmitters ring loudly to help parents locate their kids from quite a distance. But there is a particular range within which these alarms are effective.

These alarms ring at more than 80 decibels to draw the parent’s attention towards the child. The sound of the alarm directs the parents towards the child and draws attention of the people around the child as well. So everybody is alert that somebody is looking for the child.

These safety alarms can be water resistant and can look as cute as a teddy. There could be voices attached to it. There are also ones that are used in school buses, which alert the driver and the child as well. School teachers need more complicated devices because they have to handle more than one child at a time.

Other Uses of Child Safety Alarms

Many children have died in vans or cars after being left alone by their busy parents. There are child safety alarms which warn the parents or another driver regarding the presence of a child in the car or van.

Some devices alert children about the van’s movements. It warns children to keep away from the bus so they won’t be hit accidentally.

Things to check while buying a Child Safety Alarm

  • See that there are two alarms: one is a local alarm, and the other is a remote alarm
  • Check the batteries

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