How to Deal With Your Child’s Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are a common feature associated with adolescence. However, detection of such disorders among children as young as five years of age is certainly a disturbing trend noticed by many.

Experts are of the opinion that parents are largely responsible for shaping their child’s physical image and eating habits. This is quite evident from studies that reveal that children as young as five years of age who have anorexic mothers suffer from depression and are very fussy about eating their meals.

Parents need to be able to communicate well with their kids while at the same time being sensitive to the different stages of development of their child. Follow these tips to let your child enjoy the meals he or she has been skipping so often.

Parenting tips to help maintain a routine diet for your kids:

1.     Offer a healthy and nutritious diet for your kids. For example, include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

2.     Never skip your meals, and set an example for your kids.

3.     Turn off the television and encourage outdoor games and activities that will keep your child lively and fit.

4.     Spend quality time with your kid by either going for a walk or reading along with them.

5.     Never force your child to eat. Offer meals that are tasty and healthy for your kids.

6.     Never criticize your kid’s shape or the size of his or her body.

7.     Always encourage free talks with your kids.

Parents need to observe and monitor the eating habits of their children or it could lead to severe health problems for their kids. Alter the eating habits of your child and make meals healthy and tasty for them.

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