Spare the Rod and Try These Tips

What would you prefer to do when your child does something wrong, beat the child or not? Many parents beat or spank their kids thinking only this can solve the problem. But researchers say it’s not so. And, when you keep beating your child for every fault, the child may end up having low self esteem or depression. Instead, you can adopt some alternatives which can easily solve the issues without any need to hurt your child.

1. Be peaceful

If your child makes you angry with any of his/her acts, just move out of that situation. Try to analyze what the real problem is. When you know it, you can easily come up with a peaceful solution. So, stay calm and peaceful instead of getting angry and stressing yourself. Remember: only a calm mind can give you the right solution.

2. De-stress yourself

Sometimes when you are frustrated, you take it out on your child by beating though there is no fault on his/her part. So, you have to de-stress yourself by using various healthy techniques, like meditation, exercise, etc. Definitely, when you are free from stress, you can be the best parent.

3. Be compassionate but firm

When children do something wrong, as a parent you need to correct them. If they don’t listen even after repeated warnings, talk to them in a loving yet stern manner. Make them understand what you are trying to convey.

4. Provide options

Giving your child options is another way to avoid beating. For example, if your child is playing with food at the dining table, ask her to eat her food quietly or leave the table. If your child still does not stop, let your child move out and come back only when she is willing to eat properly.

5. Use reasonable consequences

It is very important for the child to take responsibility for his actions. When your child has done something wrong give him time to realize their responsibilities and set things right. Unreasonable punishment leads to hatred.

6. Work out alternatives

Make your child realize how important it is to keep their word. For example, if your child has given you their word to do something and fails to do so ask him to suggest an alternative for not keeping his word.

7. Stay away from arguments

Children often talk back to their parents, which triggers anger and causes them to slap. In order to avoid such situations, talk to your child only after both of you have calmed down. Never walk out of the situation in anger; it can have a very bad impact.

8. Tell your children what to expect

A child’s temper tantrum can easily trigger a parent’s anger. Children often feel disappointed when they are not informed about things. So, always tell them things beforehand so that they have time to accomplish any given task.

Aggression takes its toll on children and leaves them violent. Beating or slapping your child will badly affect your child’s self esteem and confidence. So, avoid beating your children and use effective ways to teach them.

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