How to Deal With an Excessively Shy Child

You might sometimes feel relieved to have a shy child because he is usually quiet and gentle and doesn’t trouble you much. But now it’s time to encourage him/her to go out and play and interact with other children.

Excessively shy children begin to avoid social interactions as they grow up. They do not go out and play with other children at the playground. Eventually this avoidance of games and sports and a lack of interaction will hamper a child’s physical, mental, and emotional growth.

There are also chances that this inward blossoming of your child’s personality will develop a social phobia in their adult life. For such people socializing becomes extremely painful. They will go to great lengths to avoid social events and ultimately become isolated.

In order to encourage your child to socialize, invite over people who your child is familiar with and organize a few activities that your child loves to do, such as swimming or watching a movie.

Find out if your child is suffering from any inferiority complex. Sometimes an inferiority complex or sibling rivalry stunts a child’s emotional growth. Boost your child’s self esteem by helping him succeed in things he enjoys. Winning a game, etc., can really boost his self-confidence.

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