Four Tips to Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry could be a nightmare for parents. What if your older child becomes jealous of your younger child? What if your older child competes with your younger child and demands equal attention and priority? What would you do if both your children are always bickering and fighting?

Here are some simple tips that will help you to deal with sibling rivalry.

1.     Don’t deprive your children of your company. If your children are feeling neglected and deprived of your company, they will try to grab your attention in different ways: they might cry for no reason or throw a tantrum. In such a situation, you will then give attention to that child and forget the other. But if you spend enough time with both of them, things won’t be so difficult you. Spend some quality time with your children: tell them bedtime stories, go out for dinner, and play with them.

2.     Never compare your children with each other. Comparison ignites jealousy in children’s hearts. Appreciate your child for whatever he/she does and encourage them to do even better. Be gentle with them.

3.     Don’t put your children together in every class, team, or activity. If one is more into sports, let her excel in that, and if the other is more into music, encourage him with that. If they are in the same activity, there might be feelings of competition and chances of bickering again.

4.     If one kid runs to complain to you about other, don’t give an immediate judgment. Give the other child an equal chance to explain himself.

5.     Be fair to both your children. Don’t indulge your younger child just because he/she is younger. You might be ruining your older child’s self esteem. Pamper him or her as much as you pamper your younger child.

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