Overcoming Baby Care Problems

Toddlers need extra care. Parents have a major responsibility in ensuring that their baby child is taken good care of. The baby has to be well nourished, well protected and should have the comforts that would make her feel comfortable and secure. A neglected child can face problems in adulthood.

Infant care means parents need to focus on the health, nutrition and comfort of the baby. The baby after all cannot express verbally. The parents have to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that all the needs of the baby are met. The baby should feel comfortable in home surroundings. He or she should be free to move around. Parents do face problems in bringing up an infant. What are these problems and how they should be tackled? Let us observe them.

How to Cope Up With Baby Care Issues?

  • Nutrition– Once the baby is off baby food, he or she takes regular food. The diet is similar to what rest of the family takes. The baby requires three meals a day and couple of snacks. The baby requires whole cow’s milk. One should avoid low fat milk until the baby is two years old. One can serve fruit juice, vegetables and fruits. Food consisting of protein, such as fish, meat, chicken and legumes, can also be given to the baby
  • Picky baby eatersBabies tend to be picky about what they eat. They will eat less than an adult, almost 1/4th of the size of what an adult takes. Too much milk or juice should be avoided. The baby will be able to eat adequately if he or she does not consume too much milk or juice. Babies like to eat what their parents are eating. Let them do so. It would help them in tasting news food items. They also like to eat on their own. Encourage them to do so
  • Safety– The home environment should be safe for the baby to move around. One should ensure that the baby is not exposed to electric outlets, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and furniture that could topple on the child should be kept out of reach. Play toys that could hurt the baby should not be within reach
  • Potty training– Some babies can be potty trained at an early age, while some a bit later. One should not force it upon them
  • Temper Tantrums– Parents have to cope up with the temper tantrums of the baby. Anticipate tantrums in order to prevent them. Also do not given in to tantrums
  • Speech delays– One need not worry about when a baby talks. The baby may not be talking as much as a parent expects, but the baby is normal

Toddler care requires patience and understanding. A parent has to appreciate the baby’s problems. The baby after all cannot express his or her feelings. The baby should be handled with care. One should not force the baby in any way, whether it be eating food or learning to potty.

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