Less T.V. Exposure, Better For the Child

Children love watching television. Whenever they have holidays or their parents are not at home, they spend time watching it. Eating chips, having a soft drink and watching their favorite serial gives them pleasure. Fun Games, Spider Man, Batman interest them, and they spend hours glued to the television. They watch television more for entertainment.

Television has become an alternative to physical activities. Remaining doors, most children do not burn off the excessive energy. Perched on a sofa they remain physically inactive, but mentally well entertained. Naturally, this is not a healthy pattern of living style habits. Parents have a responsibility in ensuring that that the child takes part in other creative hobbies and sports, then watching television throughout the day. How does one exercise control over a child’s television viewing habits?

How to Control Television Viewing Habits of Your Child?

  • One should regulate the hours of viewing. The child should view his or her favorite programs and not spend time watching other programs as well
  • Children should not be allowed to watch adult movies or programs. They should watch program made specially for them, which are entertaining as well as knowledge based
  • Parents should set up an example of not watching television for too, long. They should also regulate their timings and watch adult programs late at night
  • Children should be encouraged to be more physically active, rather than watch television. This way they can avoid being overweight. Many children, who watch television for too long are obese. They eat while watching
  • Violence should be avoided. Children who watch programs containing violence tend to be aggressive and also imitate the same violent acts
  • Television also reinforces certain perceptions and views. Parents should ensure that children should watch programs that enrich their knowledge
  • Children should be taught to value the educational value of television. It should not become means of escapism. Children mostly view it for entertainment
  • Children also form habits by watching television. They may develop bad habits, which could prove to be harmful to them. For instance they may tend to smoke at an early age and smoke too much or prefer to take alcohol. The television advertisements can encourage them to do so
  • Children should not watch television at the expense of their school work. They must not neglect homework

Parents have to ensure that their children do not spend too much time in front of television. Children, who tend to get exposed to too much violence and crime on television, tend to develop similar traits. It is healthy to participate in other activities as it develops an overall personality.

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