Top 10 Reasons For Having Grandparents

Grandparents have much to contribute in a family setting. Although they may not enjoy the same sense of power as they did when they were parents, yet they cannot go unheard. Parents in a family may be busy with their own affairs, but the children do need the grandparents.

Grandparents often feel left out in a family, as they feel they have grown very old and nobody needs them anymore. But this is not so. Even their grown-up children, who are parents now need them as well as the children. A family is not complete if there are no grandparents. What kind of a role do grandparents play in a family setting?

Why We Need Grandparents?

  • Grandparents provide considerable physical and emotional support to disabled children. They have time to take care of them and encourage and understand them
  • In most families grandparents are the main source of support. For working couples, grandparents can help them to manage household chores
  • Being mature in their thinking and having wide experience, grandparents can guide the children well as well as the adults in the family
  • Parents’ stress level is less when they have grandparents around
  • Grandparents can provide the necessary attention to the child, which far too busy parents are unable to do so
  • Some grandparents do contribute financially to the family. They share their wealth with the adults and with children also
  • Unconditional love is showered on the grandchildren by the grandparents
  • Adolescents can freely discuss their future plans with their grandparents. They can help them in their career decisions
  • Because of the generation gap, grandparents often take more interest in the activities of the youngsters. They can provide a shoulder to cry upon
  • During times of family upheaval and breakdown, grandparents can provide the necessary stability for the survival of the family

A family is complete if grandparents are around. Children love playing with them and teenagers find much solace in them. Parents can seek their advice on family matters. Grandparental love is a source of much happiness.

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